4 Premium WordPress Plugins to Manage Your Images Better

Are you using WordPress for your business website?

No doubt, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for building websites. And millions of people use it. To be precise, as many as 76.5 million blogs use WordPress as their platforms. Moreover, the popularity of this platform is ever increasing. So, it’s always a great idea to set up your website on this platform.

WordPress Plugins to Reduce Hassle

In addition to being user friendly, WordPress offers thousands of plugins that can help to streamline the process of designing. One of the most important parts of designing involves the use of images. To design in a proper way, you must manage the images properly. This becomes really difficult if there are too many images involved. However, you can always ease the process by using a WordPress plugin.

Wondering what WordPress plugin you should be using for managing the images with ease?

It’s not extremely difficult to choose. There are quite a few plugins that you can use with your WordPress-based website to manage the images and set up galleries without any hassle.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular and effective WordPress plugins to control images and create galleries for your website:

Envira Gallery

When it comes to a gallery plugin for WordPress, the first name that you can find relevant is Envira Gallery. An integral part of WPBeginner’s Plugin Portfolio, this sleek gallery plugin lets you display lots of images without making the website too heavy. You can easily reorder the images on the gallery whenever you feel like.

Some of the most amazing features of the Envira Gallery include its:

  • ease of use.
  • one-click import and export.
  • drag and drop facilities.
  • social sharing add-ons.
  • various gallery themes.

You can also customize the Envira Gallery to meet your requirements. This customization facility to help you personalize a website makes this plugin stand out among its competitors. Besides, you can also use a few templates that make Envira Gallery even more stunning to look at. This gallery plugin is also responsive. So, it appears in the best shapes across all devices.

Awesome Gallery

Looking for a gallery plugin for your WordPress website that would do multiple things together?

The Awesome Gallery might be the plugin you’re looking for.

This plugin allows you to create galleries of multiple designs. So, you have the option of matching the gallery to the type of website that you have.

Some of the styles that you might explore while using the Awesome Gallery plugin include:

  • Horizontal flow
  • Vertical flow
  • Classic grid

So, you can place the images in your gallery the way you wish. This plays an extremely important role in ensuring that the gallery is perfectly in line with the theme of your website. Because neither vertical alignment nor its horizontal counterpart can be matched to images for all types of topics.

Easy Media Gallery Pro

Looking for a WordPress plugin to create a gallery?

How about getting one that helps you do that and much more?

You can go for the Easy Media Gallery Pro plugin, which helps you add multiple things to your website, including:

  • images
  • image carousels
  • gallery
  • photo albums
  • videos
  • audio

You can even add Google Maps to the website with the Easy Media Pro plugin. This responsive plugin supports SEO and hence, ensures that your website ranks high for keyword searches. While the Pro version of this plugin costs a few bucks, you can also get a free version for it.

Grid FX Premium

Using the grids is an extremely important task that every designer should know properly.

What if a plugin does it for you without much hassle?

That’s absolutely possible when you’re using WordPress as the platform for your website. All you need for that is the Grid FX Premium WordPress plugin. This plugin helps you place the images in grids and makes the gallery look really stylish.

These days, card-based designs have become extremely popular. You can get card-based Pinterest-like designs with the help of this Grid FX Premium WordPress plugin without much hassle.


When you’re using WordPress as the platform for your website, you can have access to multiple plugins. While some of them might come at free of cost, you might miss out on a few major features if you’re using them. The premium plugins, on the other hand, might cost you some money. But they surely provide you with the best features that might come in handy if you’re looking to create an amazing gallery for your website. So, you must have a proper idea about how you want to manage the images and set up the gallery for your website. It will help you select the right WordPress plugin to install and enhance the aesthetics of your website.

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