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5 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile with Visuals

What, according to you, is the most important social media platform for business?

Almost every professional will unanimously say that it’s LinkedIn. And this is absolutely true.

It’s been quite some time since the advent of this social media platform. And by now, almost all professionals are considering LinkedIn as a great platform to land better opportunities or spread the word about their businesses. You can connect with different employers through it. No wonder, you might land your dream job by connecting with the right prospect on LinkedIn. But for that, you will need to set up your LinkedIn profile properly.

So, how can you do that? How can your LinkedIn profile be optimized for better results?

One of the best ways is to use images. As an old adage says, an image speaks a thousand words. So, it will surely help your LinkedIn profile if it is visually optimized.

But how can you optimize your LinkedIn profile with visuals?

Here’s a quick look.

Post Your Photo for Profile

You have a LinkedIn profile. But you are hardly experiencing any traffic there, you might have the visual to blame.

Have you included any of your photograph for the display page?

It surely is one of the most important visuals you need to add. Remember, the other person is going to form an idea about your personality from that image. So, always try to:

  • Use a professional image
  • Appear your professional best in it
  • Complete your identity with the name and the face

When you are creating a profile on LinkedIn, you surely want to convey a message to the viewers. Make sure that the profile image goes perfectly with your message.

Find a Perfect Background Image

When you are on LinkedIn, you only have your profile to connect with the potential employers. And they hardly invest much of a time before they move on to another profile. So, it’s not an easy task. You’ll need to keep the profile complete. So, along with your own picture in the profile, you should also add a background image. And remember, this picture should be professional enough and in line with your professional presence.

The background image can be of great help when you are planning to use the LinkedIn platform for spreading the word about your brand. You can fill it with your brand colors or even use the logo or other official symbols. No matter what you do, you should ensure that this image is functioning as a bridge between your personal and professional self.

Add Header Images to Publisher Articles

Do you write and post articles on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, surely, is a great platform to publish articles. Its Publisher platform is a great way to share your expertise through articles and carve out a niche for yourself as an industry expert. Besides, there are other benefits of using the LinkedIn Publisher too.

Is your LinkedIn profile looking a bit bland?

You can give life to it by using the Publisher articles. All you need to do is add a few colourful and attractive header images. You can also use other pictures inside the article, which are in line with your brand’s voice.

Share Workplace-related Images

What are your professional achievements?

They are surely among the most important things that you can share on your LinkedIn profile. They can help you connect with new people and might turn out to be your keys to land your dream job.

But sharing just the achievements in a dull manner is not going to help at all. It won’t attract the attention of the potential recruiters. Neither will it do any good to your profile. So, you have to ensure that the achievements are presented in an attractive way. Using visuals can be of great help. You can use the pictures from your workplace that show you as the champion.

Make the Summary Attractive with Images

What’s the most important part of your LinkedIn profile?

Almost every recruiter pays major importance to a specific section of your LinkedIn profile: the Summary.

So, when you are enhancing your LinkedIn profile, make sure you pay special attention to it.

Writing just a textual summary might help you include all the necessary points, but it is not going to make the section attractive.

How can you make the summary enchanting?

Again you can take the help of visuals. Create memos by using your own pictures in professional attires and adding a sentence about your expertise. You can even add videos and PowerPoint presentations to make the Summary attractive.

Visuals have always been a great tool for marketing. When you add them to your LinkedIn profile, you have every opportunity to attract the attention of the potential recruiters and your target audience. This opens up a greater horizon of opportunities for you and your brand to do better business.

Image Courtesy: www.powerformula.net

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