6 Features You Must Focus on While Designing Your eCommerce Website

You have a retail business.

Have you set up a website for it yet?

Remember, the web is one of the largest markets you can find for your retail business. And that’s the place where you can connect with your potential customers. So, you must have your website ready. Ensure that the customers can see your products and services right on your website. Moreover, they should also be able to purchase the stuff they need right from your website. In short, you need a great ecommerce website.

So, what are the features that you want to incorporate in your ecommerce website?

Here’s a quick look at some of the most important features that must be a part of designing the ecommerce website that you are developing for your business.

Perfect for Mobile Users

The number of mobile internet users is increasing with every passing day. So, it is kind of imperative for every online business to cater to the mobile users. If you are planning to create a website for your business, it is important for you to ensure that the mobile internet users can use it properly. There should be an interface where the products can be viewed properly. Besides, the design of the ecommerce website should be aimed at making process of purchasing the products seamless.

Easy Sign-up as Guest Users

You need leads for doing your business well.

What’s the best way to gather this?

You can provide the visitors to your website with the option to sign in. If people like the stuff on your website and want to buy it, they should sign in to your website by putting in a few details. It will act as your leads later on.

Remember, you should never keep the sign-up process too lengthy. Most of the people planning to buy stuff online start the process, but abandon it midway because of a lengthy procedure. So, it is wise to give them a shorter option. You can provide them with the option of signing up as a guest user. It is surely going to reflect in increasing number of sales from your ecommerce website.

Focus on the Images

What are your potential customers going to purchase from your website?

Remember, when they log in to your website, they are going to see the images of the products. So, these images should be attractive enough, as they have an extremely important role to play in luring the customers to buy them. So, it’s important to have excellent images in your ecommerce website.

While clicking the images, ensure that:

  • they are clicked in front of a white background.
  • light-colored objects are placed in front of dark backgrounds.
  • the images have high resolution.
  • the lighting is optimal.

Ensure that the use of each object is shown in the right context. The images should be designed in such a way that they becomes larger when the cursor is brought on them. It ensures that your potential customers can have a proper look at the stuff before they make up their mind for purchasing them.

Detailed Product Descriptions

If you want to have a winner in your hand with the ecommerce website, only the photographs won’t help.

So, what more do you need?

The perfect descriptions. When you’re creating an ecommerce website, you must have properly written product descriptions. Design the text in fonts that are properly eligible. Place the descriptions adjacent to the product images, so that people who are interested after seeing the photograph of the product can get the details about it by reading the description.

In the product description section, include the:

  • relevant dimensions of the product
  • its composition
  • warranty

The price of the product should also be mentioned properly. Ensure that while purchasing the product, the description tells the customers about the benefits they will have on buying it.

Simple Site with a Definite Navigation

Is your website too complex?

Then you must focus on making it simpler. Remember, no customer wants to get lost in a website after entering it. So, you should have proper steps to navigate the site.

There should be a clear navigation in your website. You should provide the customer with a step-by-step guide to complete the process of purchasing on the ecommerce website of your business.

While planning the navigation, populate it with the most important pages of the website. Label different parts of the product, if necessary.

Seamless Checkout Process

Checkout is possibly the most important part of an ecommerce portal. It is here that the customer completes the process of purchasing the product. But it is also the part of the website from where maximum bounce rate occurs.


Because if the process of checking out with the stuff they’ve already purchased is too long or complex, the customers seem to become impatient. So, they leave the website without completing it. Hence, you must make the process of checking out of the website easy for your customers.

How can you do that?

Design a large and clear checkout button.

Present the price of the products properly, without adding any irrelevant cost.

Make all the stuff that you’ve purchased properly visible in the cart.

Ensure that the cart contents can be edited easily.

While the customer is checking out from your website, show the security logo to ensure her that her user credentials are secured.


Your ecommerce website has to be designed in such a way that it attracts the attention of the customers. The design should also ensure that the customers can select the products that they wish in a hassle-free manner and complete the checkout process with ease. A seamless process in the ecommerce website ensures the number of sales from the website increases significantly, thus enhancing the revenues.

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