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6 Reasons to Go for Material Design

Even a few years back, the most popular forms of web design were flat and semi-flat design. However, the trends in the world of web design transcend quite fast. Hence, new trends have already appeared. Among the most popular trends, which have appeared in the world of web design recently, material design deserves special mention.

This new kid in the block of web design and development has garnered a good amount of popularity within a short time. And that’s not without any reason. This form of design integrates both aesthetics and effectiveness in the design in a perfect manner. This is why this form of design is finding its place in different business websites as well.

A Foundation for Design

What is the foundation of the website that you are developing?

You might have a lot of options. But you need to choose the right one prudently.

If you are looking to build something attractive, you can always go for material design.

Want to know why?

If you are looking to develop attractive interfaces on Android, which are quite familiar to the android users, then this form of design can surely be the right choice for you. Being a well known interface, those can be navigated by the users with ease. Although this form of design sets down a standard for the design, the ease of use ensures that the website is successful.

Different Elements of Material Design

The card design was first used by Google Now. Material design, which was introduced by Google, embraces this card motif. In addition, a lot of other things are included as well. For example, the material design also makes use of:

  • responsive animations
  • padding and depth effects
  • grid-based layouts

Material design takes the process of bring the designing done on pen and paper a step further to the digital world. However, it helps to do away with the limitations of offline setup. It makes use of the card design at an advanced stage.

Using Elevation with Card Design

If you are a regular follower of the web design trends these days, you are sure to find one thing almost everywhere – the card design. And this form of design is used in material design as well. However, there’s something more intriguing to the use of card design in material design than using a simple interface. It ensures that the card designs change when a user interacts with it. During interaction, a bit of height is added to the card. So, while designing and developing, it is important to add an ‘elevation value’ to the cards to specify the height up to which the cards will go up. So, the cards will get separated from the stack. So, it will become more prominent and easy to view.

Increased Use of Visuals

The use of visuals is becoming more and more popular in designing with every passing day. Material design takes this trend forward. It includes various functional elements, which are popular in print-based design, such as:

  • color
  • space
  • scale
  • grids
  • typography

And all these elements surely make the design attractive and aesthetic. Moreover, they also help to create a hierarchy. So, these elements play an interesting role in giving some meaning to the whole design.

Set Framework for Consistency

Material design provides a set framework to give a proper look to the website interface. This is done by initiating a few set standards. This can limit the scope of being too adventurous as a designer. In fact, it does not offer something, which is quite extraordinary. But there’s an added benefit to it as well. As the designers can follow the proper standards, you can surely expect that the designs are likely to fall into place properly. So, the designs of different pages of a website are going to be consistent. This is surely going to enhance user experience to a great extent.

Free Material Design Icons

When you are designing a website, you’ll need quite a lot of icons. While these can be created by you as well, but you might also get a lot of the icons ready on the web. And these material design icons are extremely efficient as well. You might even get a few free icons as well to make it easy for you.

Material design is gaining increasing popularity with every passing day. It is sure to become the design of the days to come to give amazing looks to the websites.

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