7 Hacks to Give Pro Touches to Your Design

Have you been into designing for quite some time now?

Are you still feeling that your work is not up to the mark?

It’s quite natural. For any designer, it takes long years to be able to make the most of the designs.

Is it a must to wait for that long?

Of course not.

You can follow a few steps to ensure that your design is at par with those of the best professionals. So, these surely pave the best way forward if you want to be an expert web designer.

Here’s a quick look at some of the design hacks to become a pro designer within a short time:

Bring in Uniformity

When you’re looking to design like a pro. So, to begin with, you have to keep an eye on one of the most important part of designing – uniformity.

Your design must be uniform. And this should hold true for all types of things you’re designing.

Want to know how?

  • You must use the same colors and fonts in the images you’re designing.
  • The use of logo should be consistent. It should be placed at the same corner of all the images you’re creating. Besides, its size should also be uniform throughout.

Uniformity helps to create a visual recognition for your design, which plays an extremely important role in branding your business.

Focus on the Colors

You want to be a pro designer. So, you must start with the basics of designing. In the very beginning, focus on the colors of the images you’re using.

Remember, it is always important to use a bright image in design, unless you’re using it for comparing to something more vibrant. So, you must increase the saturation levels of the components of the image you’re using. It will help to make the picture appear richer.

You must also choose the colors of your image prudently. Ensure that they are contrasting to one another. The background colors must also be contrasting if you’re looking to include some text in the image.

Master How to Use Images Optimally

When you’re a designer, you have to work with lots of images. And it’s important to handle them prudently if you want to be a pro designer.

Here are a few tips to help you use images properly in your designs:

  • Use high-quality pictures.
  • Select the correct orientation.
  • Crop it to the perfect size.
  • Select the right space to maximize the space for the copy.
  • Include images and pictures in the right proportion.

The perfect use of images is an integral part of designing. So, you must master this to design like a pro.

Make Use of the Grids

When you’re planning to use images optimally, you must keep an eye on their placement. And the best way to place the images while designing is to use the grids.

The grids ensure that the images are placed in such a way that the design appears uniform. Besides, you can also create an eye-catching design by placing images of similar themes on adjacent grids.

Select Contrasting Fonts

What fonts are you using for a design?

Remember, typography is an integral part of designing. So, you should do a good amount of research while choosing the fonts. However, you can also follow a few basic tips while selecting the fonts for your design.

Remember, you should not use too many fonts for a single design. Taking a couple of fonts for various parts of the design might come in handy. However, while selecting them, ensure that they are contrasting to one another. It will help to kill the monotony that a viewer of your design might otherwise feel.

Icons and Shapes Perform Best

The purpose of a great design is to convey a lot of things within a short space. And the best way to do this is to use special designing components, such as shapes and icons. Take a look at some of the best infographics. You’ll find that creating a good infographic involves the use of such components.

When you want to give a pro touch to your design, ensure that you’re using a good amounts of shapes an icons. It’ll ensure that you don’t have to elaborate a lot and the viewers can understand the underlying meaning through these icons and shapes.

Create a Design that’s Shareable

You might master the process of designing in a brilliant way. You can create amazing designs.

But will it help if no one ever looks at those?

Of course not.

So, you must ensure that people are viewing your design and sharing it with others. This is going to increase the exposure of your design and, in turn, your business.

Want to know how you can do it?

You must follow a few steps to increase shareability of your design.

  • Mingle a bit of text with the design.
  • Utilize bright and contrasting colors. Include the brand colors as well.
  • Use optimized images.
  • Add a bit of branding.
  • Include a call to action.

These will help to make the design closer to your brand and ensure that people are sharing it on a regular basis.


It’s not easy to design like a pro. There are a quite a few things that you must keep in mind while designing. So, you can go for a few web design hacks to take the standard of your designing a few notches up.

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