7 UX Design Tips to Create an Amazing Website

If you have a business and you want it to flourish, you have to establish an online presence with it. And what’s a better way to do that than creating a website. With your business website, you can reach out to your existing and potential customers, showcase your products and services, and do more. But for that, it’s essential to ensure that your website is properly designed to captivate your audience. Your website must provide a great experience to the users. This is where UX design becomes relevant. You must focus on the UX design while creating the website to gather maximum leads and reduce bounce rate.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the top UX design tips to improve the user experience at your website.

  • Have a clear idea about who your target audience is.
  • Keep a consistency in design.
  • Make connecting easier.
  • Use a Rule for placing components.
  • Create website based on interactions.
  • Use grid.
  • Keep the intera.

Know Your Target Audience

Whom is your business catering to?

That’s the most important question to ask if you’re looking to focus on improving the user experience at your website by tweaking the UX design. Remember, the whole UX design must focus on the users. And every change that you make must be aimed at giving a better experience to the user.

When you’re looking to know the users of your website and your target audience, you have to be aware of lots of things. You must know what they are looking for in your website. And if they have any issues, your website must provide solutions to that.

Consistency is the Key

If your website isn’t consistent, it fails in terms of UX design.

So, what is this consistency?

If you’re designing the same component for different parts of the website, they should look the same. For example, if you’re creating a call to action button, it might have different text on it, but the shape or the shades must be the same.

More consistent your website is, more easily it can connect with the users.

Make Connecting Easier

You have taken a lot of care in developing your website. You’ve focused on the UX and ensured that it’s excellent. However, this does not mean that the website can’t have any issue. Remember, mistakes might happen and you can find user complaint. But once it does, you have to take up the responsibility.

To begin with, provide the website visitor with an option to send a complaint about any issue in a hassle-free manner. And once they file a complaint, ensure that you are replying immediately with a perfect solution to the problem.

Use an Easy Rule for Placing the Components

While creating a great UX design, you must keep a few things in mind. Remember, the closer and larger a thing is to the user, easier it is for him to locate and click on it. So, by following this rule, you should:

  • use buttons as the primary components to click on a web page.
  • design buttons as the most prominent component of the page. You can make it large enough to see and attract the users.
  • use the corner of the page to place the navigation of the website.

Users find it tempting to click on buttons of a web page. So, you must design your call to actions on buttons.

Use a Perfect Grid System

When you’re planning to create a visually uniform website, using grids is a must. There are multiple benefits of using the grids for your design.

  • Grids make the process of creating layouts easier.
  • They ensure that the designers can add components to the layouts without much hassle.
  • They play an extremely important role in ensuring that the design is consistent and great to look at.

If you’re looking to make the design of your website pleasing for the users and their experience great, you must use the grids to create the website.

Keep the Interface Simple

When it comes to web design, one of the most important rule that defines the essence of the trade is K.I.S.S. or Keep It Simple, Stupid. So, you must keep your website simple. This ploy also helps if you want to focus on the UX design as well.

Your business customers don’t like complex website. They look for simple interfaces, which they can use without much hassle. So, you must refrain from creating a website with multiple layers, which people can’t comprehend at one go. Instead, create an easy-to-use website that enhances user experience.

Create a Website based on Interactions

What kind of website are you planning to create? The UX design is going to depend completely on that.

You can create a website that’s great to look at, but does not offer any interaction. However, this isn’t always a great kind of site. Instead you can use simple website that takes you forward through easy interactions.

You should also make full use of the whitespaces to make your website more attractive.


When you’re designing a website, it’s extremely important to keep user experience in mind. To ensure that the users are finding the website friendly, you have to keep the design simple. And focusing on how the user is going to find the website, you can create an amazing website that’s easy to use and gives a great user experience.

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