9 Tips to Design an Effective Contact Us Page

You’ve developed a website for your business. You’re showcasing your products and services there.

But you’re not getting the amount of leads you were expecting. Moreover, your target audience are not responding adequately by sending messages directly to you.

Have you explored the reasons yet?

From where do you expect the target audience to contact you?

Of course, from the Contact Us page. Because the Contact Us page is an integral part of any website. And your website has a similar page too for acquiring leads.

But are you sure that you’ve designed the Contact Us page of your website in the most professional manner that attracts the attention of your target audience? Do you think that the Contact Us page on your website will help to increase conversion?

While designing the Contact Us page, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most effective tips to design the Contact Us page for your website to get maximum response from your target audience:

  • Create an attractive design
  • Display an image
  • Focus on the typography
  • Include the lead capture form
  • Add a map
  • Write a complete description
  • Make the page responsive
  • Provide all relevant links
  • Add animation

Create an Attractive Design

This might seem quite obvious. But not all websites do this. You can actually find lots of websites, which use the default form for the Contact Us page. Most of the website owners design the Contact Us page with a default form provided by the platform. You have to go beyond that.

Remember, your target audience would never sign up from your website’s Contact Us page, if it is bland and unattractive. So, include the shades of your brand on the page design palette and create a captivating lead capture form with proper borders and shades.

Display an Image

Remember the old adage, a picture speaks a thousand words?

The image on your website’s Contact Us page might not perform a great task in providing the contact details to your customers. But it will surely help to make the page more attractive. Hence, they will find surfing the page interesting and connect with you more frequently.

You can give the images of your storefront or even your office building to make it more interesting for your potential customers.

Focus on the Typography

Like designing any other part of the website, the design of the Contact Us page also requires a proper focus on the typography. The fonts used on the page should be clear. You can also vary the sizes of the fonts according to the hierarchy. It will make the write-ups on the page more visible to your website visitors. Even oversized fonts might come in really handy, as they help to attract the attention of your potential audience.

Include the Lead Capture Form

When designing the Contact Us page on your website, don’t forget the lead capture form. That’s one of the most important parts of the page to let people connect with you. Give a proper border to the boxes of the form to ensure that they are properly visible. Besides, you can also set them on contrasting backgrounds to make them really attractive. A bit of shade might also look great on the lead capture forms.

You should also make the lead capture form short and smart. It should not accept whatever content is included, but should question the irrelevant or wrong ones. Form validation is extremely important and should be included for the lead capture form. Besides, reduce the number of fields necessary to fill up the form. It has been observed that the number of mandatory fields to fill up a form is inversely proportional to its conversion rate.

Add a Map

Does your business have a store?

Is it a retail one?

Then you must give the address to the store on the page to contact you. It is extremely important to share the whole address with your potential customers. Besides, you should also include an interactive map from a service provider. It will help people to reach your store or contact you in person.

Adding a map also enhances the SEO prospects of your business website.

Write a Complete Description

It’s important to include a map in the Contact Us page of your business. But that might not be enough at times. People may need something more to connect with you. So, give them proper directions to your business store. It is important that you provide a proper description of the location and include the landmarks as well.

Make the Page Responsive

This is an age of responsive design. People surf the web as much from internet-friendly mobile devices as they do from desktop computers. So, it’s important that you’re designing a responsive website. And the Contact Us page shouldn’t be any exception.

The Contact Us page of your website must be responsive. No matter in which device your audience is viewing it, the page must appear properly. Besides, the users should also be able to fill in the forms on the Contact Us page from all types of devices without any hassle.

Provide All Relevant Links

How can your potential customers be able to contact you?

There might be multiple ways to do that. One of the most common ways of contacting is a business is through emails. So, provide your email ID in form of a link, so that clicking it takes your potential customers to their mail client.

In this age, you can’t do without social media. Include social media links on the Contact Us page of your website. In fact, the social media links might be present at other places of the site as well. But you should use the Contact Us page to share the details about the social media profiles of your business as well as the steps to connect with you by using those platforms.

Add Animation

Animation, if used prudently, can make anything more attractive.

So, why not use it for the Contact Us page of your website as well?

You can animate the lead capture form in various ways. One of the best is to animate it as a dropdown on the homepage. This is also going to help you keep the homepage clean.


The Contact Us page is one of the most important parts of your business website. If this page isn’t created and designed properly, you might be losing out on lots of business leads. So, it is almost imperative to follow proper steps to design the Contact Us page of your website and collect maximum leads to take your business forward with great strides.

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