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Amazon Video Direct is Revolutionary but Not a Rival of YouTube

It’s time to try out the brand new Amazon Video Direct for your video marketing. Until now, Amazon Video Market launch was being touted as a major challenge for Youtube. In what way that’s hard to tell without a proper understanding as to how both the platform works. On the contrary, it seemed as if the Amazon’s new Video Direct is a more clichéd platform that would be focusing all the marketing attention towards video content creators who are notably branded in their field of expertise.

It’s a huge opportunity for content creators and this article here would be focusing on all these aspects soon. There are many ways businesses can benefit from new technology trends. Amazon Video Direct is a completely new term in the video marketing world today. That is why, it is important to get acquainted with the new platform launch and how it would be any way different from YouTube.

Amazon Video Direct V/s YouTube

Amazon Video Direct is a new self-service program where story tellers and content creators can share their videos with viewers and even earn royalties on an hourly basis. It offers viewers unlimited access to tens of thousands of TV episodes and movies that also include award-winning Amazon original series. But it does not stop here. From the video sharer’s point of view, Amazon Video Direct provides flexible service options from where one can choose one. These are –

  • The Prime Video streaming service that allows video providers to share their content and earn $ 0.15 every hour
  • The add-on subscription program where providers will only be making their content available to add-on subscribers only and receive monthly revenue of 50 percent
  • The rental program that enables providers to make a rental charge and to earn 50 percent of the net revenue
  • Free Advertising program that allows providers to share their content for free along and receive a net advertising revenue of 55 percent

Comparing these services with YouTube will make you realize soon that both have different motives and growth aspects in their mind. YouTube is all about creating influence. It is an open platform where everyone can share their content irrespective of the fact whether he or she is an amateur or a pro. With YouTube almost any brand can try leveraging their subscribers in order to gain more traffic and even conversion. The fundamental promise here is quite simple – it’s all about creating great content, building a large audience base and monetizing it to the path of digital stardom.

Amazon has a professional programming system that can reduce the total acquisition cost associated with network building.

How the Amazon Video Direct Programming System Works

You may identify the programming system similar to that of the Amazon Studios initiative that was launched in the year 2010. The screenplay or a video content pitched by the creators will have to wait for the online retailer platform to shortlist it and distribute it on its Prime Platform.

In a way, the new programming system appears to be an extension of the strategic brilliance presented by the Amazon Studio that aims to reduce the professional friction caused when they want their concepts to be vetted by the video curators. The process involves the creators to pitch at a lower hurdle, which allows the Studio to acquire for a premium programming at a much lower cost. If you are curious as to whether the new AVD program has been built on a similar programming structure, then one need not look further. A little peek into the payout structure will provide viewers with proper evidence. Let’s take the Amazon Prime program as an example. If a video producer wants to distribute the content on Prime, then the estimated annual payout would be somewhere around $ 75,000 approximately. This is unless you end up being in one of the Top 100 Prime AVD titles. In that case, a video creator would be receiving a bonus of $ 1,000,000 that would be calculated based on the number of viewers.

A Huge Opportunity for Video Content Creators: The Upside and the Downside

There is no doubt about the fact that the AVD program will be a big opportunity for content creators, especially for those involved in creating feature films, web series, music videos and others. They can share a video here and start earning some money right away.

So How Does It Affect the YouTube Monopoly Anyway?

Video marketing is now a booming trend running parallel along with other trends of the season. How Amazon would be usurping the reign of YouTube in terms of marketing, there is no proper evidence yet. Besides, the AVD program is not even meant for everyone involved in video creation. So that means amateurs or beginners will still have to depend on YouTube that has got a tailor-made business model flexible for emerging creators.

Amazon’s Video Direct Program is Revolutionary…

But it is yet to wobble the YouTube popularity base. While the profit sharing options might turn out to be good for many small medium companies, big brands however, would prefer to stay away depending how much profit they would be receiving from other promotional channels.

Looking on the bright side – AVD Benefits Other than Earning Royalties

  • Greater Reach

AVD promises to give your video content wide exposure across all supported devices like smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, game consoles, Fire TV and also on the web. Speaking from the demographical point of view, the platform is available in many countries like Austria, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom other than the US.

  • Super Flexibility

Content creators would be earning royalties on an hourly basis, which is a revenue share for the impressions, purchases, rentals and subscriptions for the contents streamed.

  • Proper Optimization

Just like every digital marketing strategy, video providers too can now measure their progress based on the performance metrics. Some of these metrics that they can view are – number of subscribers, minutes taken to stream a video, the payment history and the estimated projected revenue. Based on these, video content creators can optimize their video marketing strategies and improve their promotion techniques accordingly.

It’s true that there’s a lot of content that does not receive any proper funding from studios yet. And for this, the new AVD program is a much welcome program. If the content creators soon understand the unmatched benefits that they are going to receive from the Amazon video streaming platform, then the program would soon become a revolution for the entertainment industry.

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