Bakery Promotion with Pinterest – Important Tips and Suggestions

So are you planning to use Pinterest to promote your new bakery shop? But don’t know where to begin or what to do next?

Don’t worry! Because Pinterest marketing is a piece of cake

Pinterest is not just ridiculously simple but it is all about visual marketing.  So the focus here is to share your creativity or ideas via compelling pictures. However, even sharing compelling pictures require strategies. And this is true for different categories.

For example, if you are a writer and you are using Pinterest, then you have got to know what to pin. On the other hand, if you are using Pinterest to promote your bakery treats, then you need to know what your pins will include. For bakery it is generally compelling pictures that are shared. However, even these compelling visual contents need to have a story to tell.

So what are the ways you can share your wonderful delights when you are using Pinterest? That’s what we are going to talk about in this post.

#1 – Capture the Occasion

Occasions are the perfect moments to capture when you have the picture of a cake to share on Pinterest. It can be a birthday, a festival, weddings, Halloween parties or anything under the sun. You can bake your treats keeping the occasion as the theme and come up with wonderful ideas to share.

There is nothing more beautiful than a good picture and a good message. You can, in fact, come up with a unique ad idea before composing a photo.

Just make sure that you keep your bakeries at the center of attraction always.

#2 – Share Your Bakery Tutorials

Tutorials can be a great way to promote your bakery on Pinterest. You can either share it via images or via videos.

The best thing about sharing DIY tutorials on Pinterest is that you can share them either as a board of pins or as a single pin.

In the case of a board of pins, you can actually create a series of the multiple stages that go when baking a cake. A single board pin, on the other hand, will consist of an infographic style visual content.

In case if you are wondering how a video tutorial would like, then check out this DIY video shared on Pinterest .

#3 – Showcase Your Unique Idea

Some bakeries are the result of quirky ideas. Do you have a quirky idea that you are eager to share?

In that case, how would you like to show off your quirky craft? Would you want to share it along with a DIY tutorial? Most people would be interested to know how you actually did it, you know?

If not a DIY tutorial, then would you be more interested in showcasing pictures of your idea? You can promote your creation and even start selling by linking your product page on Pinterest.

#4 – Share Expressions and Happiness

Sharing occasional pins is one idea. The other idea is to capture the moods that your customers are in when they are enjoying your bakery.

You are not just promoting your business directly. You are actually opening the door to a variety of other categories as well. For instance, apart from bakeries, your picture can be streamed out for other categories as well. If you have a picture of a family sitting at a table and enjoying your cake, then the relevant tags that can go for this are – cakes, bakery, happiness, family.

Sharing compelling pictures on Pinterest

There are many ways in which you can click a compelling picture and then it on Pinterest. Even compelling pictures need strategies. So when you are promoting your bakery brand on Pinterest, have you thought how you are going to promote your business?

Check out some of these wonderful ways in which you can share your posts on Pinterest –

  • Extend Your Blogs with Visual Pins

You must have already opened a bakery website and you are already writing blogs to share your skills and your latest finger licking creations. Now you can extend your blogs on Pinterest. How? By Creating long pins.

Long pins are a collage of images taken from your website’s blog post. They might take up more real estate than a normal pin does. However, the best thing about these long pins is that they help to promote your entire blog page. That is, if you have written ten blogs on bakeries, then you can share all of them right from one single pin.

  • Use Rich Pins

Apart from long pins, you can also use rich pins for expanding your blog exposure.

The specialty of rich pins is that they include extra information about your picture right on the pin itself. Pinterest users can find various types of rich pins. Each of them has different features. A rich pin for recipes will include the name of the blog that you are sharing, the list of ingredients that you have used and your favicon.

This makes a Pin look more legitimate and informative.

  • Share Some Local Love

The bakery is not just about baking something out of love. It also means you are sharing your love with others through your work.

However, there are times when your love alone cannot work. You would need a little bit of love and support from others. It can be a bakery next door where you would like your creations to be displayed. In that case, it’s time to spread some local love around. How?

Search for local businesses on Pinterest. You can also visit their website and get their social links. You can repin, like or comment at least once on a local post shared. In case if you are repinning something on your board, just make sure to tag the other business from whom you are sharing.

All you have to do is just add @ before the company’s Pinterest handle. This way other local businesses would be glad and would be happier to return the favor to you.

  • Create an Event Board

You can create different pins for different occasions. However, make sure that you have used local indicators that will help to promote a particular event with monthly updates in advance.


Pinterest is a dynamic and visually engaging platform that is being widely used in the baking industry today. Some of the activities where Pinterest is being used are – promotion of business divisions, community involvement in events, online business, and other such activities.

Hope the above tips and suggestions will turn out to be useful and will help you to promote your business and gain maximum brand exposure.

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