How to Create an Infographic that Goes Viral

This is an age of visuals. More so when it comes to the web world. And that’s not without any reason. People are said to comprehend images 60,000 times faster than words. So, it is kind of imperative for you to include images in your bid to win more leads and customers. You must include visuals in your marketing.

When it comes to visual marketing, you can’t do without infographics these days.

Wondering what an infographic is?

The name says it all.

Infographic = Graphic + Information

So, infographic is, in short, nothing but information delivered in a graphical manner. The more attractive it is, the more successful your marketing campaign is likely to be. And when you are planning to create an infographic for marketing, you must aim at making it such that the infographic goes viral.

Now, that’s not at all an easy task. True. But that’s not impossible either. All you need to do is follow a few steps properly and you can see your infographic being shared like crazy, and being viewed and liked by thousands of people.

But how can you design infographics to make them go viral?

Here’s a quick look.

  • Focus on the graphics part more
  • Reduce the page load time
  • Kill it with the title
  • Create an attractive introduction
  • Form separate sections
  • Design various sections differently
  • Do the basic SEO
  • Make sharing easy
  • Include information about your business

Stress More on Graphics

Infographic is, no doubt, an amalgamation of information and graphics.

But do you want your infographic to go viral?

Then you must focus more on the graphics part. Ensure that the visuals are attractive and, at the same time, informative.

You can use icons and symbols to make the infographic simple, but convey more maximum idea. High-quality images can also help to attract your audience and make them share the infographic.

Make the Infographic Load Fast

Even after designing a great infographic, you might find that people are not sharing it extensively.

Why is this happening?

There might be lots of reasons. But in the very beginning, you must focus on user experience. To start with, you should ensure that when opened, the infographic opens fast and without hiccups.

The best way to ensure this is to build a light infographic. You must use small images. Besides, optimize the infographic to keep the file size low as well.

Like any other web page, the visitors are not likely to wait long if the page takes a lot of time to load. Hence, this might increase the bounce rate.

Make Eyes Pop with the Title

Your infographic title should make eyes pop. That’s the basic thing you must start with if you really want to make your infographic go viral. And that’s not without any reason.

Did you know: as many as 8 out of 10 people are going to read the title of your infographic. But only 2 will continue reading and go through the whole content.

This is why the title must be gripping.

How can you write excellent title for your infographic?

  • You can include number to make it more specific.
  • Create a ‘How to’ title to offer steps of achieving a target.
  • Mention that you’re sharing tips to perform a task.

You can also create other interesting titles that can keep the readers hooked and help you create an amazing infographic.

Create an Introduction that Attracts

After the title comes the introduction – the part through which you’re supposed to tell more about the infographic to your audience.

What’s the purpose of the introduction to the infographic?

You must set the tone with it.

So, you can think of your own way to do that. And ensure that it is attractive and engaging. You can:

  • share a few relevant statistics
  • start telling a story that captivates
  • a quote that engages

In short, you can plan it the way you may like. All you need to do is make it attractive.

Build Separate Sections

What are you presenting to the audience through your infographic?

Usually an infographic offers multiple information about a certain topic. If you’re doing that, break the information you’re sharing into multiple layers. And ensure that you’re sharing each layer through a separate section.

However, even when you’re planning to create various sections, it’s important that you’re keeping all of them connected. There must be a proper flow in the way you’re sharing the information with the help of the infographic.

Vary Designs for Different Sections

When it comes to creating different sections of your infographic, you’ll have to depend as much on design as on the text. Remember, without a proper design, you can’t separate various sections of the text.

How can you create various parts of the infographic through design?

There are a few easy ways. You can:

  • use various colors for different sections.
  • create borders between two sections.

This is going to help you attract the attention of the target audience, who are likely to view the infographic in more numbers and share it with others. This is likely to increase the exposure of your business.

Perform Basic SEO

Want the infographic to go viral?

You must perform basic SEO for it. Remember, many of the viewers will come through organic traffic. So, write a short description for the infographic while posting it. Ensure that you include the most relevant keywords in it.

With perfect SEO, you can bring more traffic to your infographic, and ensure more shares and views.

Share Your Infographic

You want your infographic to go viral. So, it’s extremely important to ensure that people can share it properly.

What’s the best way to do that?

Your infographic must be shared properly across social media. So, ensure that social media icons are present at the place where you’re publishing the infographic.

You can also share the infographic to your email list to increase its views. You can also share it on some of the relevant communities with millions of viewers.

Provide Information about Your Business

You have created the infographic. So, if it goes viral, you’ll surely want people to know about your business and that you can create such amazing infographics for them as well.

But how will that happen if there’s no information about you or your business there?

So, you must include a section that provides information about your company. It should include the name of your company, contact details, and so on. This can also help you spread the word about your business through the infographic if it goes viral.


Infographics are fast becoming the tool that every marketer wishes to have these days. They get maximum shares and can help you spread the word about your business as well. But to make them go viral, you must include these few tweaks and enjoy the results.


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