Design a Simple Yet Engaging Business Website

How to Design a Simple Yet Engaging Business Website

When you have a business, you need to have a proper online presence. And it can be established best by the use of colors and components. Many components might be necessary to add different features to your website. Besides, the colors may help to make the site look bright. But before you use them, ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Are these components really necessary?
  • Do they add any value to your website’s design?

And if you are planning to use as much raw material as you can, you should try to keep the K.I.S.S. rule in mind. It says, Keep It Simple, Stupid. So, it is extremely important that you refrain from making your business website congested. Because simple websites always perform better than their complex counterparts.

So, how can you create a business website, which is clean and does not confuse the audience when they land on it?

Here’s a quick look at some of the tips that will surely come in handy.

Leave a Good Amount of White Space

When you are looking to create a website, which is clean and communicates perfectly with your target audience, you’ll have to take one thing into account: the white space.

The name, however, can be a bit misleading. The white space of your website design does not necessarily need to be white. In fact, it is the negative space, which you’ve left unused and is not in focus. So, you can use the negative space to enhance the readability of the text you are including in your web page.

The white space of your website can play an extremely important role in decreasing the clutter and ensuring that the design does not appear congested.

Choose the Colors Prudently

Which colors do you want to use while designing a simple website?

A lot of people think that the only colors that can be used to design a simple website are black and white. These primary colors can surely be among the most important part of your palette while designing a simple website. But building a simple website does not mean you’ll have to make it drab and dull. Different rainbow colors can do a good job to ensure that the website is attractive and, at the same time, simple enough. In fact, the colors will help to make the text stand out in a distinct manner. However, you’ll need to ensure that the number of colors you are using is limited. Moreover, the psychology of colors should also be taken into account while designing a website and giving it a simple appearance.

Put the Call to Action Button above the Fold

Where do your website visitors mostly look when they land on the web page?

Studies have shown that most of the visitors hardly look attentively below the fold. They don’t tend to scroll down. So, you’ll need to keep the major elements of your web page above the fold.

Are you planning to add call to action buttons on your website?

They are a must if you want people to buy from you. And if you want to increase conversion, you need to put the call to action buttons above the fold. It will attract the attention of the potential customers and they will perform the desired actions to help your business earn more revenues.

Make the Navigation User-friendly

Complexity is not what the customer expects when he lands on your business website. It is, in fact, going to hurt the performance of your website to a great extent. If you are looking to create a simple website, you should focus on the navigation as well.

The navigation of a website plays an important role in ensuring that the visitors stays at the website for a longer time. If the roadmap is complex, he is likely to leave your website, thus increasing the bounce rate. It is also going to hurt your site’s SEO and result in decrease in revenues. It is important to ensure that the navigation is logical to help the visitors surf your website without much hassle.

Share and Capture Contact Details

When a potential business lead lands on your website, you expect that you’ll be able to convert him into your customer. For that, it is essential that the person gets hold of your contact details. Besides, you should also know his contact information. And this is where capturing and providing the contact details on your website become relevant.

What’s the best way you can share your contact information and also get the details of your potential customers?

  • Place a contact capture form, which should be clearly visible to the website visitors.
  • Create a separate page, which should contain the contact details of your business. The potential customers will find it handy if they want to connect with you.

Include Social Media Icons on Every Page

You have a business and you want people to purchase your products and services. But for that, it is essential that your target audience are aware of your business and its offerings. So, you’ll have to engage in marketing your business.

What’s the best way to spread the word about your business these days?

You should engage in social media marketing. And it is also essential to drive your website visitors to share about you on various social media platforms. You can add social media buttons on the website in such a way that the readers can access those from every corner of the web page.

If you have a business these days, having a website is essential. But creating a complex website won’t help your business prospects in any way. So, you should focus on ensuring that the site is simple and, at the same time, engaging. You can also go for one-page websites to keep the overall user experience simple yet engaging.

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