Using Icons for Design: Making Websites More Captivating

Planning to design a website to showcase all your products and services? Want to increase your business with the help of a newly designed website? There are many things that you need to consider. When designing the website, it is important to include a number of components. Designing is never complete without patterns and backgrounds. But you need to use a few other things as well to give the website a comprehensive appearance. Among them, icons deserve a special mention. Their use in designing websites is on the rise. Surf a number of websites, and in most of them you will find that icons are being used extensively in modern up-to-date layouts. They are being used mostly to spice up lists of features and offerings.

Communicate More through Less

The old adage still holds true: a picture speaks a thousand words. Using images is, no doubt, one of the best ways to communicate easily with the visitors on your website. Icons typically attract the attention of the reader with ease. Simply place a relevant icon to the side of an attractive headline. It will be a great way to attract the readers to go through the content provided under the icons. Moreover, these icons also play a major role in structuring the content. They can also act as excellent dividers, separating different content when placed between them. You can use these icons for multiple reasons.

Replace Bullet Signs with Icons

When a reader lands on your website, it is important to hold them there or to make them want to return time and time again. This can be done only when you are able to make them interested in the website. In most cases it is observed that when texts are provided in the form of long paragraphs, they create monotony. The best way to solve this is to use bullet lists. However, such simple bullet lists are not attractive in themselves to lure customer retention. Instead, you can replace them with icons. They are sure to create an interest among the viewers, be creative! Besides, this can be a perfect way to solve a few real problems with icons.

Create Symbolic Representation with Icons

Use of real pictures is never as interesting as using icons. While the former is a step in the right direction, the latter helps to create a symbolic representation, and can help build viewer interest. Icons, when used in addition to text, help to present the content in a more visually appealing way. These days, people hardly have enough time to go through all the content, which is necessary to describe information on a website. Instead, they look for graphical representations for content. It saves time and is an easy way for the viewer’s to understand your content without actually going through all the text. When an icon is present at the top of a paragraph along with a heading, the viewers can have a look at the icon and associate what is conveyed in the paragraph, without actually reading the text.

Social Media Icons Helps Sharing

The world of information and technology is moving forward in big strides. The social media platforms have emerged and many of them are extremely popular among users. There are millions of users on these social media platforms. These mainstream social websites have emerged as one of the major marketing platforms for all. Sharing on social media platforms increases the chance of being seen by more people. Hence, several websites make use of these platforms. They integrate the social media icons into different pages of their website. Once a reader loves a page, he has the opportunity to share it with others. All it requires is a click on the social media icons.

3D Icons Stands Apart

Majority of websites use flat icons to make the pages interesting. However, another form of icon has also emerged. These are known as the 3D icons. As the name itself suggests, these icons are created in such a way that they appear three dimensional. These icons are visually more attractive and are perfect visuals to help keep visitors returning to your website. Moreover, if the icons are interactive, like the three dimensional versions are, it usually attracts more clicks. These 3D icons can help your website when creating additional pages, which are more attractive and stand out from the others.

A Single Global Language

For any website, the primary objective is to communicate with the people who visit them. Language, of course, is a great way to do it. However, it is not as comprehensive a process as images and icons. If a person does not know a certain language, he will not be able to understand a website having content in a different language. Icons will always remain relevant. A specific icon will always communicate the same meaning to the viewers, no matter which country of the world you are viewing it.

The popularity of icons as a component of web design has increased significantly over the years. You can hardly find a website without them. Moreover, these icons are also evolving every day. New icons are being designed on different websites. New applications are also helping to create attractive icons. Bottom line, icons used in websites are helping them be more captivating.

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