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Last Minute Web Development Trends for 2017 before 2018 Arrives

The Internet of Things is a constantly changing place affected by new trends every year. As we reach the end of 2017 soon and step into 2018, it’s high time to consider what new trends to consider and what to loose from your trend list. Because if you don’t, you are playing the risk game of being outside the box when it comes to following a certain trend pattern.

It is always important for a website owner to ensure that his or her website is updated with the latest and the best web development trends. The latest trends will always provide better functionalities. So if you have not worked on which trends to follow, it’s high time you need to gather your web developers, designers, coders and writers and plan out how you are going to embrace the new and the old elements on your website this time.

Not Sure Which Trends to Keep On Your List?

Lucky for you, here’s a list of the latest web development trends handpicked for you. Read, check and implement before customers start visiting your website for Christmas and New Year shopping.

  1. Materialize CSS Framework

UX design is the next big thing and CSS framework is your point of focus. CSS framework is an open source framework that is a mixture of JavaScript and CSS Sass. It is known for its ability to merge both simplicity and cleanness of flat design with the real world experience through the application of motion.

The UX framework governs the look and performance of individual elements on the website. It has many components that are not as rich as Bootstrap, it features certain components that Bootstrap does not. Such as Toast and Parallex.

CSS framework is a compatible approach for all modern browsers that takes care of custom components, basic styling, animations and transitions to give a better experience. It is a major trend that you need to look out for.

  1. The Beauty of Clean Codes

The beauty of an online shop needs to be maintained inside-out. There is absolutely no scope for a go down when it comes to online store. So developing clean codes for front end elements like the graphic design and all is fine, but you need to ensure that it is the same at the back-end.

By this I mean the OG data in social media networks and less code in the big search engine. The cleaner the code, the faster is the website loading time for the browsers. You must be aware how important is the website loading speed for browsers. Visitors will leave your website if your website takes time to load and you know that it only takes three seconds for a visitor to leave the web page if it doesn’t load on time.

  1. Oomph up with Google AMP

Responsive websites are very important and so is speed. Everybody owns a smartphone today and that means everyone has access to the internet. That means your website is constantly accessible to people 24X7. It is very important for a website to be Responsive. If you have one then it’s time to oomph up your website with Google AMP.

What is Google AMP? Google introduced Google AMP for faster speed. It makes your website 4 times faster and uses 8 times lesser data when compared to a traditional mobile page. An AMPed website page has other advantages as well. These are –

  • Providing an improved mobile search engine experience
  • Boosts up your ranking on the search engine page
  • Showcases your page in search engine carousel along with other web pages
  1. Chat bots

What is a Chat bot? It is a chat interface service that is fueled with AI and rules. From the user end, chat bots are used to interact with customers.

According to the Business Insider Reports, the feature is said to have surpassed the number of active monthly uses when compared to social media networks. The best thing about chat bots is that it has the ability to not only understand commands but also comprehend languages that gets smarter with more interaction with people. Besides, it helps to build a positive perception amongst customers.

  1. JavaScript Rules

Since 2016, JavaScript has been on the rise as it allows developers to work on virtual reality, chat bots and other trending features.

JS now provides users the efficiency of writing the apps and is very popular among full stack developers. Currently, Angular JS and HTML integration is popular for providing a better user interface.

Node JS on the other hand is used for faster communication between the website and the user. It is also important for enhancing Real Time Interaction between the website and the user.

  1. Multilingual Website

Websites are catering to clients from across different continents. That is why, the idea of a multilingual website is important today. It not only attracts the usual English proficient public but also interacts with customers speaking in different languages. Multilingual websites ensures that you do not miss out a potential prospect for lack of proper lingual interaction.

  1. Voice enabled Search

Voice Search is an interesting aspect that is gradually being explored by website owners and business minds. It enables customers to search online using voice commands. But is it useful when it comes to search engine optimization?

There are many aspects to search engine optimization that makes voice search capabilities prominent within a website.

  1. Minimalist Design

Minimalism is the art of using the barest elements to its maximum extent and that too in the simplest style. The essential factor about minimalist design is that it reduces distractions and fuels one’s focus on the main content.

Minimalist design works on the principle of ‘Less is More’ and uses the concept of typography, white space, color and grid. Application of the minimalist design will require some level of understanding for implementation. It is all about making the most of the minimum elements for your website design.


It is evident that the whole web development trend is moving towards the possible user trends. That is, it is becoming proactive. It does not matter which style you are choosing for your website. What’s important is that make sure that you are following the trends to make your style interactive and enhancing.

Image Courtesy: pixabay.com

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