Optimize Your Landing Page and Gain Better Online Conversions

Landing pages are a great way of driving conversion to a website. So in that case, have you ever considered optimizing it?

The Importance of Landing Pages in the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web has full of potential leads. However, identifying and targeting these leads is what makes it hard for many websites. A landing page is what makes all the difference.

Here are some of the most basic reasons that explain why a website needs a landing page for making effective conversions

  1. Specific Conversions
  • When it comes to targeting specific leads, a landing page is what you need. It helps you to narrow down your target’s focus, which is otherwise often interrupted by clutter and distractions.
  • Whether it is a contact page or a white paper, landing page helps to convert more visitors.
  • As a business owner, you can use a landing page to direct your audience to take an action much faster. This will help to improve a website’s search engine ranking.
  • The best part about using a landing page is that you can use it to sell products belonging to multiple categories. For instance, a retail shop owner selling cotton shirts can set up landing pages for multiple categories such as – blue cotton shirts, check cotton shirts, etc. This will help a potential customer get to a specific product much faster, ultimately leading to conversions.
  1. Better Metrics
  • While on a website’s homepage, you can get plenty of different metrics all of which might end up confusing you.
  • However, a target specific landing page can help you focus on what’s working for your business and what’s not online.
  • You can tweak your website page accordingly.
  1. Reduced Advertisement Costs
  • Landing pages are not only effective when it comes to targeted promotions and conversions, but it also helps a business cut down on the advertising cost.
  • More conversion of specific targets through a landing page means reduction in wastage of money on high-cost PPC ads and other promotional techniques.
  • You can instead utilize the remaining money on other effective techniques that you think would help your business gain in the long run.

Building a Landing Page is Easy

Optimizing a landing page is as easy as creating it. Here are some of the necessary elements that you need to have when building a winning landing page

  • The Headline

Headlines are like the fishing hook that puts the bait right in your customer’s mouth.  It should be eye-catchy and interesting.

As a rule when writing a headline for your online landing page – write a headline that compels your readers to read the next line.

  • The Hero Image

The hero image is the primary image on your landing page. It should be able to work with the headline, reinforce your business value proposition and make people interested enough to click on your page link.

  • The Proof Point

These are simple facts (stats) that help to reinforce any given statement. So if the content headline acts as the hook, the proof points are primary drivers when it comes to articulating a promise.

  • Call to Action

A landing page (or any other digital marketing medium) is incomplete without a Call-to-Action. This is what drives your audience to convert or take action.

  • Testimonials/Social Proof/Third Party Endorsement

Testimonials and elements of social proof help to validate your product or brand. People tend to care more about what others are saying about a particular business service. That means customers are likely to come to you if a previous customer had recommended you to them.

A good testimonial or a third party endorsement does not just help you to market your business but also help to strengthen your branding and reputation and build credibility.

So that was all about the important elements or features that make a landing page in general. Keeping this framework in mind, you need to build a good landing page that is capable of converting. How do you do that?

#1 – Let’s Start with the Landing Page Copy First

This is not some blog write-up. To write a landing page that converts, try making it concise and clear. This will help you to draw your target’s attention quickly.

  • Streamline your landing page content by editing, refining and condensing.
  • Make your landing page copy engaging. Once your reader is engaged enough, you can present them with your ‘pitch’ and then, the Call to Action. For example – you can present your target audience with a quick product tour, trying to convince them that they cannot live without your product and then finally ask them to sign up.
  • Highlight the most important points about your product/service benefits. One of the best examples is explaining why users come back again and again to your business.
  • Make sure that you prominently display testimonials that are endorsed by well-known clients.

#2 – Maintain a Clean and Clear Landing Page Design

The easier you make it for your visitors to find out what is it that you are offering, the more likely will a person convert faster.

Some of the important points that one should consider when making a landing page design clean and clear are as follows –

  • Easy Navigation

Too many images and too many graphic designs can make your landing page look cluttered. This will confuse visitors, leading to landing page abandonment. You can give your landing page an easy navigational layout by displaying only the information that will turn out to be useful for them.

  • Bullet Points

Break down your content chunks using bullet points. This is a SEO friendly tactic and will help your target audience to understand the benefits of your service fast and hence, convert.

  • Complementary/Contrasting Colors

Colors help to make your page content all the more appealing. You can use a contrasting color for your Call-to-Action buttons and make it stand out from the rest. You can consult a graphic designer in case if you need any kind of help with color choice.

  • Above the Fold

Keeping your information and your Call-to-Action above the fold is a great choice. Visitors will no longer have to scroll down further to get the message or take action.

#3 – Make Use of Your Competitive Advantage

Use your marketing tactics to show how your business is different from others. You see, the more convincing your words are, the more leads and sales you get. Mention a unique selling point about your business or a company tagline in that case.

#4 – Know Your Business

There are certain questions that your target audiences like to ask when it comes to visiting a landing page. These are –

  • What kind of problem are you solving?
  • What are the specifics about your business campaign?
  • What kind of benefits do you offer and why should one care in the first place?

Answer these questions in order to determine what makes your business tactics so unique.

#5 – Include Relevant Keywords

In a landing page, you can strengthen your landing page’s SEO by inserting relevant keywords in the URL path. In addition, incorporate keywords in the title and in the body of your content.

#6 – Use Relevant Meta Tags

Meta tags act as your website’s backend stuff. This helps Google to identify and read the information that your landing page provides.  So it’s important that you use them for your keywords, title, and description.


Landing pages are great conversion tools and you can optimize them for better performance.

You can start trying some of these points out on your existing landing pages and watch your landing page generating leads successfully.

You can test your campaigns by A/B testing them to see how much have your landing page optimization and tweaks helped to obtain leads and sales. In case if you need any help, feel free to reach us. We are there to help you out at every step.

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