Promote Your Business with Facebook Coupons

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks online—we all know this to be a fact; however, can it produce in terms of business leads and real sales? The answer is yes it can, and I have been one of the leaders in this field for many years. Here in this post, I will share with you some valuable insights into how I have successfully reached my audience demographic using Facebook tools and options.

  • The Facebook “Boost Posts” option which is available at the bottom right of any post can be an easy, inexpensive, and effective way to reach 5000-10,000 people quickly with a successful post.
  • The next step up or strategy is to offer potential clients a “coupon.” This is easily done by clicking this feature (found in your status bar under offers and events) and following the simple instructions to add various information for different types of coupons, specials, etc. Most important is your design—don`t be too plain or boring.
  • Create a competition or a scholarship using,, or One of recent and most successful scholarship ideas was For Silver Cross. In this scholarship those who entered where challenged to write essays with the possibility of winning a wheel chair.
  • Our personal favorite is the sweepstakes option. We have found this option to produce the best results for the least amount of effort. People simply enter information with the hopes of attaining a prize. The key to this—the essential key—is the design of the sweepstakes. It must look professional and contain high quality graphics.

The important facts in these campaigns is to generate leads not “likes.” Social media courtesy is of the highest importance. If your schedule doesn`t permit you to keep track of important updates and promotional announcements, use a calendar app that sets to automatically produce posts or other social media announcements. Thanking potential clients, sending informative messages and personal engagement are all vital factors to social media courtesy as well—Good luck.

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