Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make

Web design for a small business isn’t an easy thing. On the very first place, most of the small businesses do not have enough fund to spend a lot on web design. The result is a website, which has been designed in a mediocre manner. This surely has a negative impact on the conversion rate of the website, which also drives the revenues down. So, it is like a vicious cycle, which needs to be controlled with web design, which is perfectly made only for the small businesses.

The web design for small businesses needs to perform a single thing. It should be persuasive enough to turn the visitors into customers.

But how can you go about designing the website of a small business? Small businesses usually make several mistakes that have a mammoth effect on the conversion and the business as a whole.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most common web design mistakes that small businesses make.

Focusing Less on Research and More on Time

Are you aware of your target audience? In most of the cases it has been observed that the small business owners focus more on creating the websites as soon as possible, rather than making them accurate. It is more important to perform the research properly and create a website that reaches out to your target audience, than getting it ready within a week or so.

For example, if you have a mature and older target audience, it is always advisable to use large fonts. Or, if you are aiming a younger audience, it is important to make the website smartphone friendly or responsive.

Going for a Design that’s Too Gorgeous

Are you planning to go for a design that’s too gorgeous? Too flashy? That’s another mistake that small businesses usually commit while designing their websites.

Flashy designs are never the perfect form to attract the attention of your potential customers. Instead, it is important to have a simple website, which allows proper navigation. You need to guide the visitors properly about which part of the website they should visit once they land on your website’s homepage. And this can be achieved primarily by creating a website, which is simple and easily comprehendible. Moreover, the navigation of the website needs to be of the highest quality, so that the visitors can move from one page to another within any hassle.

Not Having a Proper Navigation

Your marketing needs to be deft to make your potential audience land on the website of your small business. But that’s not enough. Even after they land on the website, you might find that they are not going to other pages of the site from the landing page. So, why does this happen? A simple reason might be that your website does not have a great navigation. It is essential to focus on creating a navigation that makes moving around on the website easier for the visitor. It will help him have a look at all your offerings, which is likely to increase the chances of driving the sales for your business.

No Call to Action Button

No matter what your business deals with, a call to action is a must. Without it, you can’t expect to convert your visitors into customers. But this is what most of the small business owners forget. The result: there’s no call to action button on a large number of small business websites. This drives down the sales and, in turn, the revenues of the business. Remember, without a call to action button, the visitors on your website won’t have an idea of what to do next. So, you will most likely lose the chance of converting them.

Readability should be the Key

Small business owners usually don’t focus on the color contrast much. But that should be the key when planning the shades of your web page. It is essential to have a proper contrast between the background of the page and the fonts. Only then you can expect the page to be properly readable. And it’s the readability that’s important for your web page. Otherwise, you can’t expect any conversion from it at all.

Remember, the web design is going to play an extremely important role in ensuring that the website of your small business stands out in the crowd. So, you need to keep your eyes open and ensure that you don’t commit these common mistakes. However, in addition to the web design, you will also need to focus on marketing as well. It is going help to spread the word about your business among your target audience, making your potential customers land on your business website. And from then on, your website’s design needs to play an extremely important role of converting the audience and visitors into your customers.

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