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Top 6 eCommerce Web Design Trends for 2016

These days, the Internet is surely the largest marketplace. Most of the people across the globe prefer to do their shopping online. So, if you have a business, this trend of online marketing provides you with an opportunity of reaching out to lots of customers at one go. But for that, your business needs to have an excellent online presence. And that’s possible only with the help of a properly designed e-commerce portal.

How should your e-commerce website be like?

It should be attractive, have proper user interface to share the images of the products, and shouldn’t have a much complicated navigation. The website has to be designed in a proper way. There are quite a few trends that are emerging in 2016, which can help you design proper e-commerce websites.

Here’s a quick look at some of them.

Simply Designed Sites

Simple always pays. Because people do not like things that are complex. More so when it comes to e-commerce websites. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and think. Would you like a site where you have to click a lot of times before you can select and purchase an object? Or, would you like to spend a large amount of time while paying the bill? Of course not. Similarly, your customers would also like to spend as less time as possible before they can buy the products. So, e-commerce websites that are simply designed will continue to perform well in 2016 as well.

Material Design

Material design have been quite popular since its advent. A lot of websites have already adapted this form of design. The e-commerce portals are expected to follow suit in 2016.

Why are material designs so popular?

That’s not without any reason. These designs are:

  • Content-focused
  • Vibrant

These help to ensure that the customers who are visiting the site to purchase stuff are having an excellent user experience.

Card-based Layouts

Layouts are among the most important things when it comes to designing a website. And these days, the card-based layouts are making it big in the online world. These are likely to continue to be the favorite of the web designers in 2016 as well.

The card-based layouts go perfectly with the trend of material design as well as responsive web design. Card designs are gaining more and more popularity because they:

  • are user-friendly
  • can be arranged easily according to the customer’s choice
  • offer the basic information to the customers at a glance

The card designs help the customers by saving their time. They can select the product of their choice with ease. And they can change it immediately as well, in case they do not like it for some reason.

Visuals, Not Text

Visuals play an extremely important role when a person needs to form a perception about something. That’s because an image speaks a thousand words. So, e-commerce websites are likely to include more images than texts. The textual descriptions will surely be present, but they will only be secondary to the images of the products.

The e-commerce web designers are going to use high-definition images of the products. Besides, they are also going to make full use of videos of the products to enchant the potential customers.

Responsive Typography

Content is always the king. And it will remain so in 2016 as well. But the impact of the content can be minimized or maximized by the way it is presented. And this is where web design becomes relevant.

The e-commerce websites also need to focus a lot on the design of content. And this needs to be done by adding some variations in typography. Responsive typography is the call of the day. So, it is necessary to include these, which will adjust themselves depending on the size of the screens where they are being viewed. This trend has been around for quite some time now, and will continue to be big in 2016 as well.

How will this amazing trend of responsive typography help the businesses?

It will establish a visual identity for the brands, which will come in handy to ensure that the customers are attracted to the products on the e-commerce portals.

Attractive Backgrounds with Images and Videos

What’s the objective of the e-commerce portals?

They tend to make the customers attracted to the products, so that they purchase those. And for this, a number of decorative steps are undertaken to make the site appear better. One of the most popular ways to do this is to use large, high-definition images as the background of the e-commerce website. These images help to develop a sense of desire for their products among the customers by creating a professional look. This drives their business manifold. Many e-commerce website owners are likely to use such attractive images and videos as their website backgrounds to attract the attention of the customers.

With more and more people moving towards online transactions, e-commerce websites are likely to experience more business. But the competition will be high too. So, it is essential for all the e-commerce website owners to design their portals in a proper way by following these trends to have an edge over their competitors.

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