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Top 6 WordPress Trends for 2017

Are you running a website for your business? How have you developed it? Are you using any content management system for it?

Among the major content management systems that are used all over the internet, WordPress, of course, is the most popular. The statistics that WordPress has speak for this amazing content management system.

Did You Know?

  • Almost 27% of the whole internet is dependent on WordPress.
  • Almost 24 posts are published every second on WordPress-based websites across the globe.
  • As many as 22.7 billion page views are received by WordPress websites on a monthly basis.

Hence, there’s every reason for you to use WordPress for your website. But if you’re using it, you must be aware of the most common WordPress trends, which are likely to impact your website.

Here’s a quick look at some of those WordPress trends:

A Mobile-friendly Theme is a Must

What themes are you planning to select for your WordPress-based website?

Remember, almost all the websites are becoming mobile-friendly these days. So, your site shouldn’t be an exception as well. It must be clearly visible from mobile devices. And that’s not without any reason.

Are you aware of the fact that over 60% of the searches on the internet these days are made from mobile devices?

So, if your site doesn’t have mobile-friendly features and interface, it might be difficult for you to reach out to your target audience without much hassle.

There are several WordPress themes, which have been coded with a mobile-friendly approach. You can choose any such theme and make it function perfectly.

VR-friendly Multipurpose Themes

Who are the target audience of your business? Is there a specific segment of people to whom you want your business to cater to? Or, do you want to reach out to the mass? What functionalities do you want to add to your website?

One of the most popular trends these days is to use multipurpose themes, which help to build any website that you want. These themes help you create sites with:

  • amazing designs
  • required functionality

Besides, these multipurpose themes are also designed to function perfectly in devices offering virtual reality (VR). These VR-friendly themes ensure that the users get a taste of virtual reality while browsing the websites on the internet.

Single-page Websites

Websites with multiple pages are fast becoming a thing of the past. Instead, they are being replaced by single page websites, which serve similar purposes as their multiple-page counterparts.

Why are the single-page sites, or pageless websites, which they are popularly known, are being accepted so well by the users?

Here are a few reasons:

  • These websites convey the crux of the matter within a short time. That’s important in this busy age.
  • These websites are designed perfectly to share stories with the audience, which keep them engaged.
  • These help to increase the conversion rate significantly.
  • These reduce the bounce rate.
  • The sharing of the website increases quite a bit.

In addition, pageless websites are great in appearance and are friendly to any device. Hence, most website owners are going for single-page websites these days.

Parallax Design Set to Remain Popular

Are you fond of parallax design?

Most people are. Since the time when this form of design first emerged, it has engaged the audience in the best possible manner.

Parallax design owes its popularity to its ability to:

  • add page depth.
  • include animation in the website.
  • take a storytelling approach that engages the audience.
  • boost interactive website viewing.
  • create a call to action for the viewers.

Since the last few years, website owners are looking for parallax-based WordPress themes. This trend is expected to continue in near future as well. The parallax-based websites are going to provide an experience of motion. It’s expected to enhance user engagement and drive the popularity of the website.

Security to be Beefed Up

In the coming years, the security of the websites is going to more important than anything else. Websites are the face of your business to the whole world. So, it is important to use it perfectly to ensure that the branding helps the business move forward. However, a breach of security might result in unnecessary things, including the loss of brand image for your business.

This is driving the WordPress-based website owners to go for sites with more security options. Many of them are embracing hyper text transfer protocol secure (HTTPS), a version more secure than hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP). This can help to keep the site secure and safe from possible breach attempts.

Video-based Website Headers

It’s an old adage that an image speaks a thousand words. These days, it’s less about images and more about videos. Yes, videos seem to communicate much more than the images. Hence, the WordPress-based websites are also embracing videos.

A lot of WordPress-based websites are expected to go for video-based headers. These headers make the website attractive. Moreover, you can also use these videos to communicate some information about your business to the website visitors.


Over the years, WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems around the world. Most of the website owners prefer using this CMS to build their websites. If you’re one of them, you have to keep an eye on the current WordPress trends and embrace them to make the most of your website in increasing your business.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay.com

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