Top 7 UI UX Tools and Resources

With newer and updated innovations in technology rising from the unending intricacies of the human brain, keeping oneself upgraded becomes an everyday job. And when it comes to design, change is what pulls the wagon.

So before you move on to your next project assignment, wait for a minute and think. What have you done differently about your projects this year? Have you checked out the new tools and resources that the Internet has to offer? If you have, then have you started implementing those yet?

If you look closely, you will find that there are several tools available in the market that are completely capable of making your work easier and your designs more professional.

Let’s get you up to date with the recent developments in the UI UX front. The following tools can give your designs a complete makeover.


Proto.io has taken mobile prototyping to the next level. This is a mobile prototype platform with the feature of enabling users to visualize their final designs. Its UI library has come a long way from hotspot prototypes and static mockups. The latest version of Proto.io is loaded with amazing features like a 49 brand new UI elements, an array of animated morphing features and so on. Proto.io also works on your mobile browser and you can easily download the app and work offline on it. Proto.io is a great tool to communicate with your client about the design idea that you are thinking about for a certain project.


With projects and prototyping flooding your work schedule, it becomes quite difficult to keep a tab on your work. Firefly can be your troubleshooter. This is a highly useful and effective management tool that enables you to upload app designs, website mockups, ideas and any information you wish to share, receive feedbacks and even edit on the go. In addition to that, Firefly lets you access information through a browser from anywhere. With its splendid management features, Firefly is an ideal tool when you are working with a team of collaborators.


If you would like to visualize the look and feel of an app, create wireframes quickly and test those on real devices, then Pidoco is the perfect tool for you. If you like your designs smooth, then Pidoco’s drag and drop function will blow you away. One of the best features is that you can display your designs in the form of customized design templates which you can place on global layers. For example, when you tweak anything in a certain layer, that change automatically is shown on all pages containing that particular layer. The UX features are wonderful too with features allowing sharing of the prototypes that you make, making edits and receiving feedbacks. What more, with Pidoco, you do not need a generating code!


InVision isn’t a very different UI UX tool from others available from the ones available in the market. What sets it apart is its ease of use compared to the others. It allows you to rapidly and easily convert static screens into clickable, interactive prototypes with cool animations and transitions. The UX and task management features are as easy and problem-free as it gets. The features are nothing new, but the straightforward and easy approach to prototyping and real time task management and collaboration are pretty impressive.

Vonn Mobile Material Design UI Kit

If it is the speed you crave for along with ease of use, then the Vonn Mobile Material Design UI Kit is best suited for your requirements. It employs Google’s fantastic vision design for the future and material design, bold colors, informative animation and more to create fresh designs. You can utilize the 100 drag and drop templates in 9 categories that Vonn Mobile Material Design UI Kit has to offer. These templates can be opened with Adobe Photoshop CS5+.


If you are running on a tight deadline for your product to see the light of the day, then you are in for a real treat with the AppCooker. The 5 primary tools that make the design process quicker are:

  • Map idea tool
  • Mockup tool
  • Icon design
  • Pricing tool
  • App store helper tool

Nothing can beat the realistic look and feel of the prototypes and the money you will be saving along the way.

Ace iOS 8 Mobile UI Kit

This UI kit allows you to build superb iOS 8 mobile apps with ease. You can choose from a range of 75 templates in 8 categories, 300 UI elements and a variety of 100 icons to build stunning designs. This kit has been designed keeping in mind the designers who are short on time and, therefore, do not have the luxury to spend a day trying to figure out how to work the kit. One of the most amazing features of this kit is the Google’s family of fonts that allow you complete flexibility while providing you a wide range of options for you to choose from.

Quick Tip: This app works flawlessly on iPhone 6.

While some of the tools listed focus on the specific requirements of the user, most are highly versatile and definitely worth an addition to your tool repository. Not only will they enhance your approach to design, but also provide you an edge over the many creative ideas dotting the market.

With such useful tools at your fingertips, creating stunning designs for your clients will be just a click away.

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