Trends That Are Best for Your Big Website Headers

Want to know what visitors watch when they first land on a new website? It is the header section of the site. Whether it is a tiny navigation bar or a huge photo slide show, header section is an integral part of a design’s layout. Using huge headers seems to be really valuable for a website. It helps you to create a good impression among the visitors of your site.

Generally, the attention span of an online visitor is not more than few seconds. Even one second delay in page loading decreases conversion by more than 2 percent. And a huge, attractive header can truly engage your visitors. The best option is to highlight the content and emphasize other vital stuff. Let your content be easily noticeable in a large header design. Or else, just highlight the branding to have a better influence on the visitors. Here are a few tips you must follow to develop a trendy header section.

Go for Intelligent Navigation Links

An important factor to developing a recognizable header is navigation. Without a single page layout you are unable to establish links for site navigation. Poor navigation is one of the reasons behind a site’s poor performance. A single page web design makes use of active scrolling links. Indeed, intelligent navigation is important for engaging the users. All the visitors should be able to identify the pages at the first glance and even ponder their options quickly. For highlighting the links, make them bold, underline them or use contrast colors with the site’s background. Make it readable for the visitors.

Use Hero Images

You must have come across full screen images in the web page. The use of such images is quite common in the recent times. High-speed internet connection allows anyone to download the resources within few seconds. To include a huge background image that automatically resizes to fit to screen size is possible.

Make sure that you use hero image that is relevant to your web content. Be sure that use of such image highlights the main goal of the site. Choosing the right image is therefore a herculean task. And if you have an artistic sense, then you can click few good photographs and help the website looks stunning.

Hero image is compared to a banner that is displayed in the front and center of a web page. It is mostly used to promote a business, product or even individual by using captivating photography. It is used not just for mere branding. The main object of using hero image is to build connection with site’s visitors as well as persuade them to scroll further.

Develop Fixed Scrolling

The standardization of the web browsers generate few effects that were earlier thought to be impossible to get in web development. Fixed scrolling is a navigation technique that has gained popularity amongst the website developers. It also helps a user to navigate to any page on the site. With increasing advancement of jQuery and CSS3, easy navigation is not a difficult thing to accomplish.

Few fixed scrolling navigation methods have gained popularity. While landing on web page for the first time, the user finds the links appearing on the right side within the hero image of the header section. And the links have white color that appear to be crisp on darker background. When the user begins to scroll further, the navigation bar will be seen. It will be scrolled down the web page. The navigation bar must have cool background of white color so that both logo as well as text of the link change to another color scheme. This design style builds up uniformity on web page and at the same time makes navigation usable from diverse location. Wish to know about an alternation option? Go for scrolling navigation bar that creates cloudy blurred effect common in iOS7 applications. This innovative design choice has captured everyone’s attention.

Develop Proper Branding

Develop branding is one of the principal tenets of marketing. Digital marketing also is not an exception. Starting from real estate agency to car manufacturer, building an identifiable online brand presence is crucial to succeed. Innovative header is an excellent tool used for promoting a brand. You can also look out for new ways to improve your sites’ branding just beyond the header. Logo is used for this matter and designing a logo too calls for expertise. Create a logo that is easily recognizable and also stands out amongst a plethora of other familiar logos. Make sure that the logo should be simple without multiple frills and appeals to the visitors easily.

Check out these trends that help you to design a smart and functional website with easily recognizable headers. An effective header section popularizes your brand in the web world fast and that too in a successful way.

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