What Type of Content is best for Twitter?

Are you ready for your next Twitter marketing campaign? Before you begin, let’s consider some of the important facts first. Like for instance, how far is your marketing campaign on Twitter actually engaging people?

It can take a second to share around 6000 tweets, but then, there are times when even the best post might fail to engage people. Audiences will fail to engage if your tweets are not much of a value to them. Besides, not all type of content can turn out to be suitable for Twitter.  Hence comes the next crucial part – how to determine which type of content would help you win over potential customers on Twitter?

You can get plenty of tips when you Google up what type of content would be best for Twitter. However, what many of these tips online fail to provide any valid explanation as to why one should follow these tips.

Every Online Marketing Strategy Comes with a Valid Reason

So what are they? Why is it that visual tweets are said to drive the maximum engagement? Here are some facts that will tell you why you need to keep this in mind when deciding on a social media marketing strategy –

#1 – Twitter is not like Facebook

You need to understand that unlike Facebook, Twitter is not meant for social chit chats.

Its main purpose lies in its ability to allow users to share thoughts, facts, and figures within an approximate range of 140 character limit.

It has a timeline that constantly keeps rolling with a stream of tweets posted by other users. In that case, an ordinary content is definitely not a match for Twitter.

#2 – Most of the Users are Mobile Users

About 80 percent of users on Twitter are active from their mobile devices. In that case, you should tweet according to your follower base.

#3 – Twitter is for Selected People Only

There are almost 310 million users who are active on Twitter. And yet it is hard to believe that Twitter might not be ideal for everyone. Nevertheless, it’s true! You might want to this post written by Mark Schaefer that comes up with an interesting revelation.

Some of the ideal customers who would definitely be active on Twitter every day are as follows –

  • People with global marketing potential
  • Small business owners
  • Tech-savvy
  • People with engaging personalities

There are a lot of people (even clients) who are not active on Twitter. In that case, you would want to know why some people do not use Twitter.

Twitter is all about sharing Content outside the Box

So what kind of content would you share on Twitter? Contents that is fast to read, easy to engage and inspiring. That brings us to the next part –

What Type of Content Would Work Best On Twitter?

  1. The Power of Visual Contents

Tweets that come with images are 361 percent more engaging than tweets without images.



The best thing about images is that you can use it to tweet any type of content. Here is an image that shows 62 percent of image types are being full of humor and the rest 38 percent belonging to other types.



You can also think of other creative ideas to make your company brand more engaging.

Image Tweets can be done in many ways. Like incorporating inspirational quotes, charts, etc.

  1. Text Based Tweets

Okay, just because image tweets work great on Twitter does not mean you ignore texts. Almost 93 Percent of all Tweets are text-based.

In that case, make sure that you include a link along with the Tweet. Most of the times, a reader coming across your tweet might end up clicking on the link also, which in turn with redirecting them back to your website.

Nevertheless, the most important part is that 86 percent of the time, tweets with links get retweeted. If you manage to keep the tweet within a range of 100 character limit, then it will likely get you 17 percent more engagement.



Another important thing that you must always keep in mind is that while writing a tweet, is that it has to be conversational.  The more conversational your tweet is, the more engaging it becomes. Here are some helpful tips that you can try out for your text-based tweets –

  • Tweet out interesting questions
  • In case if you are tweeting a link, then do not forget to add an insight along with it
  • If you see people are engaging, try replying them back nicely
  1. List Based Contents

So you thought list based contents don’t work on Twitter? Well most of us had the wrong assumption. When trying to content market, most of us love giving away tips and these are called the ‘list-based’ types.



In case if you want to share a list-based content on Twitter, then just tweet a little bit about the tips (mention one or three of them) and include your link. Let your readers know that they can get more information from the embedded link. That’s it. So in that way, you get both engagements as well as website visitors.

An Important Thing to Keep in Mind When Tweeting

Do not tweet anything that’s a huge turn-off. Memes, in this case, appears to be so. Apparently, you won’t find much of memes in usage on Twitter. Memes can be entertaining but they cannot help you in helping your business grow.

Images seem to work the best on Twitter so far

So if you want to maximize branding opportunities, then it would be ideal to make the fullest use of images.

Here are some important things to remember when you are using images for Twitter –

  • Decide which photo you want to share
  • Use Twitter’s editing tools to adjust, crop and filter the photos
  • Try amplifying your sharing efforts by including them in other Tweet engagement campaigns


It’s a common mistake to consider Twitter as just some another social media platform. However, neither you nor I can deny the fact that Twitter is a platform that requires great care when it comes to social media marketing.

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