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Video Marketing – A Fun and Effective Way to Promote Your Business

Tired of producing lengthy contents? Try out video marketing for a change. Video contents are more fun and engaging than ordinary contents. But the best thing about video contents is that your customers love them too.

Here are some quick fact checks that reveal the explosive growth of online videos and why video marketing is the new King

  • According to 2015 reports, users have been noticed to spend an average of 1:55 every day with digital videos.
  • Adults spend more time watching digital videos today than ever before. From 21 minutes in the year 2011 to 16 minutes in 2015.
  • Trailing millennials in the U.S. are the highest age groups watching more digital shows on their digital devices. And over 72 percent of these trailing millennials rely on digital streaming services for catching up with any series.

Online videos form the perfect pitch for engaging more audiences and you can make the most of your content marketing strategy. But how do you start right away with a video marketing?

Write your own video script first!

Producing a video script is not easy. There’s a lot of visualization, emotions, and creativity that goes on in a video content. Other than that, the entire composition has to be compact for video contents are generally short. The average length that a video content is 0 – 30 seconds. It can be more than that but keep in mind that the longer the length content is, the less likely will people watch it. According to facts, while 85 percent of people will watch an entire 30 seconds video, only 50 percent of them would be watching a video from the beginning till the end if its length is up to 2 minutes.

The Length of Video Content Therefore Matters

video length graph


And how do you maintain your content length? Here are some points that you would like to keep in mind when writing your first video script.

  1. Maintain the Structure

There is a Beginning, Middle, and an End. The beginning of the video script should point out the problem that your target audience is facing. To some extent, you can consider following the web desing principle here too and that is – taking psychological advantage of being less but more. The objective is to show a specific product or service is the only solution. This will help to keep them engaged all the way through after they have been able to identify their problem with this one.

The Middle part of your script should focus on how a problem can be solved. So once you have explained to your viewers how a problem can be solved, it’s time to show them how your product and service can bring customers an effective solution.

The End of the script is the conclusion with ‘Why’ as the main topic of discussion. Why should people use your product when there are plenty of other options out there in the market? This is where the sales part of your service jumps in.

Do not forget to add the Call to Action in the end for that will tell people what to do next.

  1. Keep the Theme Simple

Remember, this is a marketing video and therefore do not end up using all those jargon and complicated words. The best way to do this is to get straight to the point. Know what interests your audience and supplement your video script according to that. Stay away from delving deep into the technical details. You can always explain the complicated parts of your business service later on when someone converts into a potential customer.

  1. Keep the Focus on Your Audience

Your key target is to generate the right leads and that is why it is important to focus the attention on the target audience. Always try keeping your tone in the second person and also approaching your audience in the right mood. Obviously, you cannot promote the same video for a 21-year-old student to a 40-year-old company manager. It has got to be tailor-fit with the use of the right kind of tone, language, metaphors and approach.

  1. Explain the Benefits and Not the Features

While you might get tempted to show off the technical details, do not get swayed by it. A ‘100 GB storage’ for example might not be easily understood by everyone. How about you try writing it in this way – ‘Plenty of space for storing your family photos safely’. Tell them how your service can help to make their lives better.

The Basic Parts that Make a Video Script

Writing a video script might look difficult, but it gets even simpler when you know how to do it. Like every content marketing templates, a video script too follows a basic template. Here is a name of the things that make a general video script template –

  • The Voice Over

The voice over is the script that is said in a video. You can refer to the voice over as your actual marketing content. Synchronize your video content using the right density of words per minute, the tone and backed with a good story.

  • The Visualization

Visualizations are accompanied by voiceovers and they are basically instructions with regards to how a video is to be visualized. These might appear to be very important but make sure that you do not end up making them complicated. This will make the video complicated and the viewer feeling even more confused. Do not go into details as too much of it will distract the message. The key to using visuals is to reinforce the message that is being said in the voiceover.

The Trick to Writing Great Video Scripts is to Watch and Learn 

If you can’t write it at first, study how others are doing it. You will get some idea. There are plenty of marketing videos that are out there. So picking out a one won’t be much of a problem. Check out how Dollar Shave Club does their video marketing in style

  • So what makes watching their video feel great? It’s simple, they know their audience (men belonging to the 20-30 age group who are open to the idea of ordering a steady supply of online razors) pretty well.
  • Besides, the language and the choice of humor match with the age group of the target audience perfectly.
  • Do not forget to look into their video script structure, though. It starts with a brief overview of the service (i.e. they deliver great razors right to your doorstep for just $1 every month).
  • The script then is followed with the introduction of the problem that most men face with razors. That is – most razors are expensive or have unnecessary features that spike up the price. Besides, it’s also very easy to forget about purchasing new ones.
  • The script ends with a final conclusion re-iteration (the solution) and that is – Dollar Shave Club delivers razors monthly to your door.

Feeling inspired? It’s about time to get started with your own video script. There are tons of benefits that a business can achieve with video marketing. It’s very engaging and a great way to keep the viewers on your page twice the average duration period.

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