Top 6 Waning Web Design Trends of 2014

The year 2014 has been a good one for web design. New trends have emerged and the use of several old ones decreased as the year progressed. Several web designing trends, which were among the most used during 2014, are also experiencing waning popularity. In fact, many of these web designing techniques might not even be used in near future. They will give way to top web designing trends of 2015, such a minimalist web design and others. So, it’s always important that you stay away from these and embrace the new web designing trends that emerge.

Here’s a quick look at some of the waning web designing trends of 2014.

Mobile Version of Websites

People are using mobile devices to view websites. More and more people are using internet-friendly mobile devices. It will surely be the most important way to surf the internet in near future. So, why are mobile version of the websites waning?

Responsible web design is one of the major reasons why people are shifting from the use of mobile version of the website. A responsive web design fits in perfectly on any device – mobile, desktop computer, laptop, and so on. So, there is no need to build a separate mobile version of each website.

Multiple Fonts in a Single Website

If you are planning to add variety to a page of your website, you might be tempted to add various fonts to it. True, it’s an easy way to add a bit of diversity to a web page. But wait, it’s almost a dying trend now. And there’s some specific reason why the popularity of this trend is on the wane.

Using different fonts might be a great way to express your creative side. But that’s not what your website is for. Websites are usually necessary for conveying information. So, using multiple fonts there might be of no use. On doing that, it will be difficult for the readers to concentrate on the subject, as the fonts will attract the attention. So, it is always a good idea to use just two to three fonts at the most. It is a good idea to use excellent content, but not to multiple fonts to convey it.

Flash Introductions that Slow Down Page Load Time

When you are designing your website, you need to remember that the first impression that your site makes on the viewer needs to be highly impactful. Most of the web designers keep this in mind. So, they try to add something different at the introduction. This had driven the use of flash videos for introduction. However, the flash videos have multiple disadvantages. They slow down the process of page upload. And when a visitor comes to your website in a hurry, he will surely not like to spend time watching the flash video before entering the site. So, these flash introductions are waning fast. And it is being replaced by the use of videos as the background of the pages.

Long and Complicated Lead Capture Forms

You are driving a lot of traffic to your website. That’s surely great news for your business. But you need to get some leads as well from the traffic. It is going to help you expand the business and increase revenues. But how can you do that? For it, you will have to collect the information about the visitors to the website. This is where a lead collection form comes in handy. You can integrate one with your website. But ensure that the form is not too long. People coming to your website do not want to spend time filling up the forms. Instead, they want to surf through the information provided there. So, it’s important that you keep the forms as short as possible. Integrating long forms in the web design is a waning trend now.

Side Bars that Serve No Purpose

Is the space that you have on your web page not enough to include all the information about your business? Then why use a sidebar? Even a few years back, the sidebars for the web pages were in vogue. But with the emergence of flat design, they appear to be excessive in a web page. So, it’s time to do away with the sidebars, which are not of any use to your website.

Automated Pop-up Windows and Videos

Many of the websites have different types of pop-up windows. Many of them are automated. Some of these pop-up windows may contain forms that need to be filled up by the visitors. However, no visitor to you website likes her browsing experience to be interrupted by any such pop-up window. Similarly, no one likes to see a video running in an automated way in a web page where they have landed for information. In fact, it is annoying to some extent. Hence, the earlier you get rid of these, the better it is from the design aspect of your website.

Many of these trends were quite well-accepted even a few years back. However, their popularity is on the wane. And many of these web design trends are expected to disappear in 2014 itself.

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