Project Management
& Work Flow

Each website company has their own guidelines and steps they follow
when designing and creating websites for their customers.


The Process is simple & Effective

Although most website companies tend to follow a six-step process, here at Palmetto Website Design Company,  we prefer a more detailed eight-step process to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.  To help you better understand our company and the services we provide, we have outlined our process below:

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Before we begin any project, our staff at Palmetto, offers every potential customer a one-on-one over the phone or in person consulation in order to evaluate your needs as a business, establish a clear vision of what your company is seeking in terms of a viable online presence and pinpoint color preferences and functions that will set your company ahead of its competition.  After we have a better understanding of your needs in a website, we will give you a free quote based on all the information we’ve gathered.

Agreement and Contract

Once a customer has had time to look over their detailed quote and decides to choose Palmetto with their web design and development, we will draw up an agreement based upon that customer’s needs and everything that was discussed in the previous consultation and quote.  Also included in the agreement will be the projected project completion.   Once we receive a signed agreement, we will move to the next stage in our process.

Planning and Layout

This part of the process is the most important part of the development of each customer’s website because it lays the groundwork for the design and programming team based on the information we gathered from the previous customer consultation.  During this tedious process, the website’s site map is created.  In short, the site map is literally a website’s blueprint.  It is during this process that all content and layout within the website is considered.  The site map will include all the main topics that need to be included in the website as well as sub-topics.  The back-end is also considered and planned according to the client’s need.  Each back-end is set-up so that content being uploaded to the site can be entered easily and efficiently.  Every required function for the site is laid out so that the applications run seamlessly without lag.  After the entire site is mapped out according to content and functionality, it’s time to bring our customer’s vision  to life.


The design stage takes all the above stages and makes them come alive.  During the design process, what was previously just a vision made into a blueprint, now is brought to life with seamless creativity, vivid colors, and high quality functions based on today’s top technology.  The customer’s vision comes alive during the design process as our team produces a website that not only shines above the competition, but also encompasses all our client’s needs within a single platform.

Development and Programming

Following the design process is development and programming.  This process involves the coding and the programming of our customer’s entire website to ensure functionality.  During this process, we will also upload any content provided by the customer or provide content creation if specified by the customer in their contract.  The development and programming stage is probably the longest of our eight-step process because it requires our developers to test each step in order to assure quality performance.

Live Demo

After the above stages have met our standards of completion, it’s time to provide our client with a live demo in order for them to test the site and test their vision before debuting it to the rest of the web-based world.  During this stage, we encourage our clients to make sure that every feature and every function is to their satisfaction.


After our client has viewed and tested their live demo, we will consider and work on changes-if any-the customer wishes to make.  After the changes have been submitted, completed, and customer-approved, we will move on to the final stage in our process.


This is the final stage in our 8-step process.  During this phase, our staff will prepare our customer’s site for public viewing.  After all aspects have been looked over and the design has been polished, we will begin to move the completed website to its designated web server.  After the website has been transferred and all the data has been moved, our staff will run a series of diagnostics to ensure that all the functions are in tact and that every application runs seamlessly without any lags or broken links.  If problems arise within this phase, they are corrected until the site has met every standard.  Once we feel the site is working and functioning properly, we will turn it over in its entirety to our customer.

Although this is our basic process, we understand that every customer need is different. Each website and every project we take on has different design and functionality needs, therefore no site is a “one size fits all”. Our process may vary depending on a customer’s needs. If you have any questions about our development process and how we can meet your needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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