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Creating a website is much more complex than simply throwing some colors on style sheets and arranging content on a page.  Web design is a process.  It goes beyond deciding what colors will look best and what images will correspond best with your content.  Web design is much like building a house.  Each component must be planned out and each step is based on the consumer’s specifications and unique needs.

Here at Palmetto, we take website development very seriously.  Our staff is backed with years of experience and expertise in web design, development, and programming; and each element of a website undergoes careful planning and consideration.  One thing we encourage our clients to do before we begin their site development is to figure out their business requirements in terms of an online presence.


We are excited about the prospect of developing your vision on the worldwide web! Our staff is here and ready to answer any questions and meet any needs.  Let us help you make the next big step in dominating your niche.  We guarantee this will be a business decision you won’t regret!

In order to fully understand what your company needs in terms of a successful website, Palmetto Website Design Company takes all the following components into consideration:

Your company’s budget

– It’s important that we understand our customer’s website budget so that we can formulate a business plan that will fit their needs and stay within their price range.

Your competition-

In order for a company to stay ahead of its game, it’s essential to be aware of their competition.  What are your competitors doing to enhance their online presence?  Once we know who you consider your biggest competitors on the web, we can layout a blueprint that sets your online presence ahead of your competition.

Colors and styles-

Before our initial designing process takes place, we encourage each of our clients to take some time browsing the web and taking a look at existing websites.  During this time, it’s important to make a list of websites you like in terms of color, styles, and function.  By doing this, we can get an idea of your preferences and needs as a business and better understand how we can enhance your website in terms of your wants and needs.


Finally the most important element we ask our clients is to make a list of their goals as a company in terms of what they’d like to establish in an online presence.  What is the most important aspect of your website?  What are some features you’d like to incorporate in a website?  What are some key functions you’d like to see in a website?

We make it OUR business to know what’s best for YOUR business.

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Web Design
It’s time to take the next big step in growing your business. It all starts here.
Custom Applications
Application services can be a HUGE burden on any growing business because your company must at all times, be on the top of its game.
We know how to manage your your niche group and dominate your marketplace.
Website Creation
Web design is a process. It goes beyond deciding what colors will look best and what images will correspond best with your content.
Logo Design
Represent your business in a bold, new way.
Social Media Marketing
Take on the social media world. One “follower” at a time…
Content Management
Each website we design comes with a powerful, back-end system for editing your content.
Google Local Marketing
Maps, Pay Per Clicks, and Organic Searches….we’ve got your advertising made easy.