Top 5 Tips to Design Your Single Page Website

A website is a must these days, especially if you are in a business. It has been observed that even if you have an offline shop, websites help to give you exposure. And they bring in customers for you. And if you want to sell stuff online, there’s no alternative for a website.

But building a long and complicated website is not always the right way to boost sales. Even a website of just a single page can come in handy at times. However, it needs to be designed properly to get the most out of it.

There are quite a few benefits of creating a single page website for your business.

  • It’s easy to navigate
  • It loads fast and can be organized with ease
  • It’s not at all difficult to maintain
  • It’s always simple
  • It has excellent storytelling capacity
  • It has better potential for SEO

This is driving a number of companies to go for single page websites.

Are you planning to get one too? Are you aware how to design the single page website to make it the most attractive and engaging?

Here are a few quick tips to design an excellent single page website, which can come in handy for you.

Get Rid of Everything Unessential

You have just a single page to reach out to your audience. So, there’s no reason you should waste time or space before conveying your idea to your target audience. Hence, it’s essential that you stay focused while designing the website. Get rid of everything that is not essential for your website. You need to get to the point as fast as possible. Only then it can help you attract the attention of your audience. And it can help you prove your point even within a short time and space. There should be nothing on the web page that you don’t need. It will only make it look overstuffed and add no value at all.

Create a Perfect Hierarchy

Which is the most important thing that you are sharing on your single page website? Is there something that is less important? It’s essential for you to ensure that the things that are more important are noticed properly by the visitors to your website. And for that, you must organize them accordingly. You should create a visual hierarchy with the components of the website that consists of just one page. It will help you share with your audience in perfect order the things that are most important for your business.

For this, you can play with the fonts as well. Create the introductory paragraphs in larger fonts. It will help you reveal that the initial paragraphs are more important and the visitors should read them first. It can be a great way to get your idea across.

Plan the Navigation Prudently

It’s known to almost everybody: navigation in web design is of utmost importance if you want to create a great website. With a website  consisting of just a single page, there must not be much of a navigation involved there. Yet, you should try to make the navigation present there to be as simple and easy to control as possible. In many cases, a single page website is not able to hold all the necessary information. This is when you need to send the visitors to some other place. For example, in many cases, the visitors are sent to YouTube channels or videos. Or sometimes through a payment gateway.

You should ensure that the visitors are notified properly when they are being sent to some other website. And the website, of course, has to be relevant to the one from where they are being sent.

Make It Exciting

A single page website. So, one page is all you have to attract the visitors. Would you stop over and spend time on a single page website if it’s bland and unattractive? Of course not. So, keep this in mind while designing our one page website. Add some features to make it dynamic and attractive. You can add motion to the background to remain in line with the recent trends.

Use the Little Space You Have

There is just a single page of the website. And that single page is everything you have to make a mark. So, be as much creative as you wish. You can even go a bit crazy in terms of designing and coding. Use different types of colors. Make full use of the white space. Try to make the experience an amazing one for the people who are visiting your website. It will only add up to the attraction quotient for your website and reduce the bounce rate significantly by engaging the visitors.

The popularity of one page websites are increasing significantly. And it is likely to remain extremely relevant in the transforming business world of near future as well. Hence, it is necessary to create the one page websites perfectly to connect with the audience in a better and more precise manner.

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